Here is a list of books and handouts that are being used to assist in learning the Haida Language. You are encouraged to download, print and distribute copies as needed. These PDF files can also be saved/read and shared on to the Sony eReader, Amazon Kindle, iPad, iPhone (smart phones) and Kobo devices.

Searchable Enrico Dictionary
A full 2,178 pages of Xaad kil, Xaaydaa kihl, and so on. Includes Old Masset, Alaskan, and Skidegate dialects with some Ninstints words thrown in. One of the most complete all in one glossary, dictionary of the Haida Language. Note: in this dictionary, substitute the R’s and C’s with underline G and X respectively to match current orthography. (238.7MB)
Searchble Enrico Dictionary.pdf

Haida Alphabet/Orthography
The Haida alphabet divided into two charts, consonants and vowels and a short description of each sound for each of the three dialects, Skidegate, Massett, and Alaskan Haida. (120kb, 19 pages)

Haida Songs by John R. Swanton [1912]
This collection of Haida songs, collected early in the 20th century, gives many insights into Haida culture, including class divisions, belief in reincarnation, and the status of women. This etext is presented with the full Haida interlinear text.

Skidegate Haida Dictionary, Edition #9
Compiled by Xaayda Kil, Skidegate Haida Immersion Program. This is a scanned version of the original Southern Dialect or Skidegate Dialect that parts of this website are based on. Gives English words with Haida translation. (updated as scans are added, 57.9MB)

Skidegate Haida Glossary, Edition #13
Compiled by Xaayda Kil, Skidegate Haida Immersion Program. Gives English words with Haida translation. 400 pages. (4.7MB)

Skidegate Yaayda kil Glossary, Edition #16
Compiled by Skidegate Haida Immersion Program. Gives English words with Haida translation. Hosted by Sd50 or School District 50, Haida Gwaii
SHIP Xaayda Kil Glossary 2013 PDF, 652 pages (17.1 MB)
Download Latest A-L 324 pages. (7.3 MB)
Download Latest M-Z 328 pages (7.4 MB)

Hydah Dictionary, 1862
A small dictionary (2 pages) containing some of the words and terms used in the Hydah language with their meaning or equivalent in the English language. Published by Hibben & Carswell, Victoria, V.I., First Printing 1862, printed at The Daily Chronicle. Second Printing 1865, printed at the British Colonist Office. Government Street.
cihm_14366.pdf (1.9MB), http://www.archive.org/details/cihm_14366
cihm_16670.pdf (1.5MB), http://www.archive.org/details/cihm_16670

How to write the Haida Language, 1972
Skidegate Dialect. This small booklet of about 12 pages, gives a brief description of the grammar, sounds, and writing methods used in Xaayda Kil. (4.3MB)